Spring/Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop 2019

Hey there caffeine loving paper crafters, it’s time again for another fun filled Coffee Lovers Blog Hop. We are one of the many amazing sponsors for this years Spring/Summer Hop.


Everyday during the hop we will be doing a giveaway on this blog so make sure to come back. For today’s giveaway comment below what your go to caffeinated beverage is and one person will be chosen at random to pick two digi sets from my shop. My go to is black coffee first thing in the morning (about a half pot), then more black coffee about half way through the day. I love it very hot and actually don’t care for it cold, at least the black stuff. I probably would enjoy iced coffee but it would need to be sugared up, something my hips don’t need, lol. Now, sometimes in the evening when I’m really tired I will have a cup of coffee but my evening go to is tea and honey. My favorite is blackberry sage tea. Sometimes I’ll do something crazy and have the herbal stuff without caffeine, especially when it’s later in the evening.

All coffee hop giveaways will end Wednesday May 15th and winners will be announced Monday May 20th.

Tomorrow’s giveaway is going to be a good one. I will give you two hints, it is very colorful and is something that the wonderful owner from Only One Life Creations as generously donated for this weeks hop.

So, over that last couple of weeks I have added some amazing new designers to my design team, some of them will be joining in with this weeks hop. You will be able to find their work over in the Designers Gallery. During the hop I will be updating the gallery daily so you won’t miss anything. Next Friday I will be doing a designers show case where I will introduce all my design team members, both old and new so make sure to mark your calendar.

~*New Digi Stamp Sets*~

I have two new digi sets that will be available in the shop today and will be adding a few more over the duration of the hop. Head on over and take a look around, while you are there click that heart so you don’t miss any new digis.

The Way of Beauty

Does that flower look familiar? It’s Polka Dot Orchards flower, the one I use in my watermarks. It’s actually supposed to be a peach blossom. I’m a George girl and a peach orchard in full bloom is simply beautiful. So, being a Georgia girl, loving the beauty of a blooming peach orchard and the blog name I chose I felt a peach blossom was the best image to brand myself with. I just love the design so much I couldn’t keep it to myself so I decided to turn it into a digi for all of you to enjoy.

Live Life Like a Butterfly

This beautiful mug with all the butterflies was designed by one of my new DT members, Kimberly Wiener. Kimberly is an amazing artist and I personally find her use of bright watercolors absolutely stunning. You can find her work on her blog “Wiener Honeymooners” or over on Instagram “wienerhoneymooners”, and don’t forget to follow her.

I would love to see what you create with my digi stamps so I created a Facebook group ~Friends of Polka Dot Orchard~ A place just for you to share all things made with my images, please make sure to join it. Join here!

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~*Thanks for stoping by Happy Crafting*~

62 Replies to “Spring/Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop 2019

  1. Yay! So happy you’re a sponsor of the coffee loving cardmaker’s blog hop! I’ll be sharing my cards with your digis soon!

  2. LOVE the new Digi Stamp Sets and happy to see you as a Super Sponsor! Looking forward to checking out all the creations this week! 🙂

  3. My go to coffee is regular coffee and French Vanilla creamer – yum! If I’m working the night shift, I always make myself a big cup so that I can stay awake! lol Thanks so very much for sponsoring the hop; very generous of you!

  4. Love the new sets…YAY for my girl Kimberly!
    Those sneak peeks are awesome!
    Thanks for being a returning Super Sponsor!

  5. Wonderful card designs and it sounds like some exciting events happening at your blog in the next days. Thanks for being a sponsor too.

  6. Definitely have coffee every morning!!! My absolute favorite beverage!! But ice tea in the Summer is yummy. Love your stamp set!

  7. Absolutely love the new digis and all of the PDO beauty I’ve been seeing around the interweb! I have some PDO on my table right now! Thanks so much for being a Super Sponsor!

  8. Fabulous digi stamps with awesome sentiments! I can’t stay without my good Italian espresso, I begin early in the morning and then I have some during all the day 🙂

  9. Love the new digis… I love all of your digis!! Thanks for being a Super Sponsor!!

  10. Beautiful cards and I love the digis so pretty and fun! I love anything coffee but since I’m in TX and its already hot here, a nice iced latter always does the trick. Thanks for being a sponsor!

  11. Awesome digis!!!!! I am a mocha frappichino with raspberry from starbucks kinda lady!!

  12. lovely make! Now that I can’t have caffeine, my go to is hybiscus tea or ginger tea or decaf southern pecan coffee.
    Thanks for being a sponsor!

  13. Lovely samples and sentiments. I drank a lot of coffee in my youth and don’t anymore, green tea is my beverage of choice now.

    Truly awesome stamps and wonderful creativity!
    Thanks so much for sponsoring the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop!
    Karen Letchworth

  15. So happy to be here, and love all you wonderful designs. My favorite drink is a Caramel Latte

  16. My favorite caffeinated beverage is coffee in the morning with a few drops of sweet cream. Just lovely cards in your gallery and beautiful peach blossom and coffee stamps. Just wonderful. Thanks for sponsoring the hop!

  17. My favorite caffeinated beverage is a Chai Latte. It makes me feel all warm inside plus all of the spicy goodness is awesome!! Thank you for sponsoring this terrific hop, it is so appreciated!!

  18. My favorite caffeinated drink is a Chai Latte. It makes me feel all warm inside with all of that spicy goodness!! Your digis are awesome!! I have to check you out!! Thank you for sponsoring this terrific hop, it is so appreciated!!

  19. Ooops…forgot…I don’t drink coffee, but I love hot tea. Green tea with lemon…yum

  20. Fabulous cards and digis. I just started drinking coffee and use a little bit of cream with it.

  21. Fantastic new sets!! I love tea, hot or iced, black, green or herbal. I also enjoy an occasional hazelnut iced coffee ☕️.

  22. Fantastic stamp sets and projects by your designers.
    Love any kind of caramel caffeinated beverage.

  23. Simply fabulous Coffee cards!! My go to drink is Chia Tea mostly these days….yum!
    Thanks for being one of our Fabulous Sponsors!! = )

  24. I am so happy to have found you! Your coffee digis are really pretty and I love the Live Life Like a Butterfly set! My go-to drink lately is Chai tea, with creamer

  25. My favorite caffeinated drink is 1 cup of creamer with a little bit of coffee in the morning. I can’t do the straight black like you!

  26. My go to for caffeine is always green tea. If I need an extra kick I drink the Walmart brand Carmel cappuccino kcups with whipped cream and Carmel sauce on top.

  27. Absolutely love the new digits! So happy you were able to be a Super Sponsor. My go to is coffee. My favorite is a coconut blend.

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